Aviator is an IT services business in Oakland, California.

We have been working in the startup environment since 1999, when we were at Silicon Energy, an energy software startup. While there, we went through a successful acquisition and transitioned to the Itron enterprise environment.

In 2005, we left to start Globalize Networks, where we have worked with over 30 early stage companies to build their computer networks from scratch and to find creative solutions to complex business problems with restricted budgets. Our team consists of IT engineers with years of experience and outstanding customer service skills.

We make things work with the resources available.

In 2015, we are rebranding our business as Aviator, to better convey our focus on cloud services.


Our Philosophy: Transparency Builds Trust

Transparency is one of our guiding principles. Transparency means that we give our customers insight into what we are doing. We are confident that our processes and procedures can withstand the scrutiny of our customers and peers in the IT support services industry. Therefore, we document our work and our client’s computer networking environments, and provide our clients with this documentation. We believe that transparency is the key to building trust, and we seek to partner with our customers to create lasting value.

That is also why we are vendor agnostic. We don’t resell any hardware or software, so we can recommend the best solutions without bias toward our own profits. In general, we believe that it’s a good idea to forego any short-term gains that endanger our long-term relationship with our clients.