Desktop Support – Our Microsoft certified technicians can keep your desktops up and running. We have experience dealing with users with all levels of technical expertise. We understand that having patience and the ability to listen are key elements to good desktop support. Our computer techs have people skills, as well as technical skills, and will help to make the support process as painless as possible.

Workstation Management – To aid in rolling out new systems and restoring systems that have problems, we make extensive use of imaging technology. This involves creating an image of a base system, which can be applied to any other machine to quickly bring it online. This process can greatly reduce computer support costs and user downtime.

Backups – Workstations are often overlooked when it comes to backup planning. Ideally, users would save all important data on the servers, which could then be backed up each night. In the real world, however, important data is often stored on desktop systems, and there is rarely a backup plan. Aviator can work with you to create customized backup plans that are fully automated to protect data on the desktop.

Mobile Devices – People are using smartphones and tablets more and more. We may well be entering into the “post-PC” era that Steve Jobs predicted. We provide support for iOS and Android. Blackberry still has the best security and enterprise management capabilities, but is rapidly disappearing from the workplace. Still, if you do have some diehard BB fans, we can support them. Microsoft might regain some mobile market share at some point, and when they do, we will gladly assist users with navigating the Metro -err- Modern UI..