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Beware of the Lowest Bid on an IT Project

We work with a biotech company in the Bay Area that recently spun off a subsidiary to merge with an East Coast company. Politics being what they were, the East Coast firm wanted to stick with their existing IT vendor. We had some calls and it seemed that their philosophy was compatible with ours, so […]

By | January 28th, 2016|Business Strategy|

What can small IT services providers learn from the big enterprise folks like GE?

I recently read this TechRepublic blog post about how GE is restructuring its IT practices to revitalize American manufacturing.  GE’s new process is borrowing ideas from agile development and Gemba, among others.  One way to think of this approach is to break a big project into smaller parts and deploy incremental solutions […]

By | December 4th, 2012|Business Strategy|

Dedicated Hardware Hosting for Test Labs

It’s essential to research a new technology before implementing it.  You need to read the documentation and scan the blogs and forums for gotchas.  Then you need to make a plan.  But ideally you would test your plan in a test lab before implementing anything in production.

I know from experience that not all organizations have […]

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