Mobile Device Management

The explosive popularity of mobile email devices like smartphones and iPads can lead to security problems if not managed properly. In the corporate world, we want at the very least to be able to enforce passwords on devices and remotely wipe mobile devices if they are lost or stolen.

There is also the […]

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How close can you get to Exchange with Google Apps?

Here are the main problem I see with rolling Google Apps out to Outlook users who are used to Exchange:

  1. Access to shared calendars won’t work the same
    1. I guess you could use something like OggSync to sync public and selected private calendars, but that is kludgey compared to Exchange free/busy functionality.
    2. Using the Google Apps web interface […]
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Spam Filtering

After much abuse from my associates, I have finally caved in.  I’m all for using to filter out spam.  It’s cheap and it works well.  It keeps the spam off the network, and I like how it just sends a quarantine report to the end-users each day.

Of course, now we have […]

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Sharing Files with People Outside of the Company – Extranet

Many times our clients run into the problem of sharing files with people outside the company.  Sometimes it’s just a simple matter of needing to send large files that cannot be attached to e-mail due to attachment size restrictions.  One simple (not highly secure) way to handle this is  I like […]

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Updating GAL (Global Address List)

One problem that I sometimes face is how to help businesses manage their contact information.  This is certainly a large enough topic to warrant many articles, but one tiny step forward is to update the Global Address List with the user contact info.  Problem is that this info is only stored in the user’s AD […]

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