Why Are Businesses Going to the Cloud?

reasons-businesses-switching-to-cloud-servicesWe have seen cloud services become a greater and greater part of our consulting practice over the years, so we know that they appeal to our clients, but we are always curious about why businesses are switching to the cloud. We recently came across a cloud survey […]

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Scott Jackisch on Product Management Talk Podcast

Many thanks to Cindy Solomon of ‪#‎prodmgmttalk‬ for letting me come on her podcast and talk to the product management community about cloud computing and futurism..

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Dedicated Hardware Hosting for Test Labs

It’s essential to research a new technology before implementing it.  You need to read the documentation and scan the blogs and forums for gotchas.  Then you need to make a plan.  But ideally you would test your plan in a test lab before implementing anything in production.

I know from experience that not all organizations have […]

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