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IE 9 is the most secure browser all of a sudden?

Internet Explorer got a black eye last week from a widely exploited zero-day vulnerability, but a recent NSS report shows that IE 9 does a better job of blocking malware than the other major browsers.  It looks like the key to Microsoft’s success is their SmartScreen technology, which basically maintains a blacklist of […]

By | September 29th, 2012|Desktop Support, Security|

Windows 7 Migration Using Virtual Machines

Windows 7 Professional upgrade boxI finally (and reluctantly) upgraded my own production machines from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 7 this past month. (What with the new Android phone and the new OS, I feel like a new man!) We also recently upgraded one very […]

By | March 28th, 2010|Desktop Support|

Transitioning from XP to Vista

What should we do about Vista?  The major hardware vendors are making it harder to get XP pre-installed, so licensing will begin to get dodgy.  Also Microsoft will end “Mainstream support” of XP on 4/14/09

    1. Personally I would prefer to stick with XP until the bitter end, but we will begin to see […]
By | June 17th, 2008|Desktop Support|

Re-imaging instead of troubleshooting

At a large HMO I used to work for, they used to have a tough re-image policy.  I believe that if a problem took more than two hours to solve, they would just have the desktop support person re-image the machine.  This approach did lead to plenty of problems, lost user data, etc.  But, if […]

By | May 31st, 2008|Desktop Support|