After much abuse from my associates, I have finally caved in.  I’m all for using to filter out spam.  It’s cheap and it works well.  It keeps the spam off the network, and I like how it just sends a quarantine report to the end-users each day.

Of course, now we have to turn off that pesky Outlook junk mail filter:

To enforce Outlook Junk E-mail Filter user interface options for users

  1. In Group Policy, load the Outlook 2003 template (Outlk11.adm).
  2. Under User ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesMicrosoft Office Outlook 2003Tools | OptionsPreferences, click Junk Mail.
  3. Double-click Junk E-mail protection level.
  4. Click the Enabled radio button to enable configuring the policy.
  5. In the Select level drop-down list, select a protection level to enforce.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Set other policies, such as specifying to permanently delete junk e-mail messages.

(Found this via google on “disable junk mail outlook” – thanks to kdsrazor).