So I went to MacWorld 2010 and was surprised at how many cool things there were. Most of our client’s machines run on Windows, but scientists and designers still tend to prefer the Mac experience. I am even working on a project in which we are replacing all the Windows machines with Macs and running the one required Windows application within a Windows VM running XenApp on a Mac OS X server. XenApp serves up Windows applications to any client (even Macs) via a web based Java applet.

The iPad discussion was so popular that the 1500 person capacity primary room filled up and they had to open an overflow room. The discussion covered most of the topics which are being discussed in the gadget blogosphere. Probably the most contentious point is Apple’s control of which apps can be installed. Other platforms allow users to set a well-buried option to enable 3rd party apps. One panel member likened this to Cuisinart forbidding users to cook pop-tarts in their toaster ovens. I actually sympathize more with the stability argument. Also, why shouldn’t Apple get more revenue as a reward for building the most cohesive mobile experience? If people want more choice, HTML5 might be an alternative going forward. Google built a good Voice app for the iPhone using HTML5. This might open the door to many more applications to side-step the apps store.

Here are my favorite products from the show:

External Batteries

These little external batteries will prove handy to keep those cell phones charged without having to swap out the internal battery.

A flexible solar panel

Flexible solar panel charges large battery in just 2 days! Bring on the ThunderDome.

external battery

Then again, you can always spend $1000 for a brick that will run you laptop for 30 hours. Great for the survivalist laptop user.

There were some cool touch surfaces, but they were all running VISTA! I was surprised that there weren’t more multi-touch interface products.

multi-touch table

The kids loved the multi-touch table for adults!

Touch whiteboard and multi-touch table

Touch whiteboard and multi-touch table from SMART Technologies.

multi-touch gloves and screen

Touchscreen Gloves by Cool multi-touch screen by

I was fascinated by these nanotech-enabled leather gloves that work with capacitive screens. I understand that the process is integrated into the tanning of the gloves and is very durable. I also like this touch screen which brings us one step closer to Minority Report.