Use an iPad to access your desktop

Apple iPad Apple has announced a new device called the iPad. I understand that it will be something like an iPod touch, but with a 10" screen. You might have heard of it. [...]

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Google Hacked by China

Google China If you haven't yet seen the news that Google was hacked by someone looking (in part) for info on Chinese human rights activists,  then you might check out this summary on [...]

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Big Patch Tuesday

eEye contigent with cool t-shirt Microsoft issues updates on the second Tuesday of each month.  This month, they issued their largest update ever.  Now, Adobe is following suite and will start issuing quarterly [...]

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Are we addressing the real security problems?

This report from SANS was an eye-opener for me: Priority One: Client-side software that remains unpatched. Waves of targeted email attacks, often called spear phishing, are exploiting client-side vulnerabilities in commonly used programs such [...]

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Even high profile security experts can get hacked

Don't ever re-use passwords between sites.  Here is an  article about high-profile security sites getting hacked:

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Google searches will set you free

Day in and day out, I cannot imagine doing my job without the internet, and specifically Google searches, to find those obscure solutions to all manner of technical problems.  Here are some links to improve [...]

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Skipping Vista and looking at Windows 7

Gartner is recommending that enterprises not deeply into a Vista roll-out should wait for Windows 7.  It's no secret that a majority of companies surveyed are keeping XP rather than deploy Windows Vista to the [...]

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Remote Support Software

I've been wondering why there aren't more free internet remote support solutions given that there is very good open source code out there to accomplish this (i.e. VNC).  Using VNC requires knowing the host IP [...]

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Transitioning from XP to Vista

What should we do about Vista?  The major hardware vendors are making it harder to get XP pre-installed, so licensing will begin to get dodgy.  Also Microsoft will end "Mainstream support" of XP on 4/14/09 [...]

By | June 17th, 2008|Desktop Support|


I went to my first SF Tech Meetup today and learned a little bit about widgets.  These are little chunks of content that you can embed in a webpage or blog and e-mail around.  Widget [...]

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