98% of Computers are Insecure

I recently read the book "Fatal System Error" which paints a pretty harrowing picture of world-wide computer security.  According to a 2008 study of 20,000 machines by security firm Secunia, 98 percent of [...]

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Recycle your old computers and help out Oakland’s kids

We often need to help clients get rid of older computer equipment that has piled up over the years.  One great solution to this is a non-profit called OTX West (see contact info below).  They [...]

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Secure the machine that connects to your bank

There have been many articles over the past year about hackers using "Automated Clearing House" fraud to steal money from small and medium-sized businesses. The basic premise is that a hacker will compromise the machine [...]

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Is Google Evil?

Google and Verizon have stirred the ire of Net Neutrality proponents by working on a deal to prioritize certain web content. At issue for consumers is how the companies that provide the pipeline to the [...]

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Sitting Will Kill You

Stand up desks have been used to counteract back pain and improve productivity for years, but there might be a more important reason to consider changing the way you work.  A recent study suggests that more [...]

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Windows 7 Migration Using Virtual Machines

I finally (and reluctantly) upgraded my own production machines from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 7 this past month. (What with the new Android phone and the new OS, I feel like a new man!) [...]

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Nexus One Android Phone Hands On

I finally decided to dump my trusty BlackBerry Curve, which I have had for two years, and upgrade to a Nexus One Android phone from Google.  I received the phone on 2/16/10 and have been [...]

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Use Ordinary Tape to Prevent Webcam Spying

A disturbing news story about computer security came out this week. In a high school in Pennsylvania, the students were given laptops with webcams to use outside of school. It was later discovered that the [...]

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MacWorld 2010 Highlights

So I went to MacWorld 2010 and was surprised at how many cool things there were. Most of our client's machines run on Windows, but scientists and designers still tend to prefer the Mac experience. [...]

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Windows Mobile 7

"We wanted to take greater accountability for the end user experience," Ballmer said. "We want more consistency in the hardware platform and in the user experience," he said, while nevertheless saying Microsoft wanted to leave [...]

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